Finally. An insanely easy approach to deliver mobile device management and security for PCs and mobile devices. SimplySecure is a multi-tenant, web-based platform that gives you the ability to enforce encryption and security policies for your customer’s mobile devices in a framework that makes administration, account management and even monthly billing, an absolute breeze.

Who needs this? Your customers do!

And if they haven’t already asked, they will. Nearly every organisation is affected by a growing list of data protection requirements where encryption is specifically mandated (e.g. POPI and PCI/DSS) that call for the protection of personal, consumer, and patient health data. What about bank account numbers and credit-card holder information!

Today this sensitive data is widely proliferated on Windows and Mac PCs, Android and iOS phones and tablets and USB storage devices - all of which are highly vulnerable to loss or theft. In today’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world, your customers will need to safeguard both company and
employee-owned devices! Innovative from the cloud down

SimplySecure, a SaaS-based management platform, gives IT Solution Providers and MSPs the ability to offer customers either a self-managed subscription or a monthly managed service without the requirement of hosting hardware or supporting software — Beachhead does it for you!
Value and expertise resellers and their customers will appreciate.

• Maximize customer retention with a valuable touch point
• Offer a truly managed security service for All Things MobileTM
• Enhance credibility with customers by demonstrating your recognition of this growing security risk and    providing an easy approach to solving it.
• Continually providing valuable services when devices are lost or stolen like remotely changing device    policy, access control, data destruction, revocation of authentication/credentials and more!

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