Securing and Enabling an organisations
information technology Infrastructure.

Consulting and Implementation

A persistent trend shows delivery in IT is expected to yield more with less budget.  Add the need to keep pace with changing business needs driven by both employee and customer demand, as well as compliance requirements – and it means your IT security solution needs to be flexible, yet robust and above all efficient.

SecureData Africa will work with you to ensure the right blend of vendor technologies and services – underpinned by our first-class customer support – to meet your short term requirements in the context of your long term strategies.

At SecureData we offer Security Strategy Planning as well as:

  • Design
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Architecture and Analysis
  • Integration and compatibility
  • Forensics
  • Performance Testing
  • Migration
  • Knowledge Transfer




We are the largest Security focused distributor in Africa, with dedicated teams of product specialists, local professional services resources, local help desk and in-house training and certification services.

Our expertise in IT security across multiple disciplines ensures optimal security on your network while your data assets remain secure and compliant.


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